Austin Wilson, Earthscapes’ Senior Project Engineer, is originally from a small lesser-known town, Wheeling, in the panhandle of West Virginia. He lived briefly in Paradise Valley as a baby with his family, moving back in 2006 to settle down in Arizona long term. Initially, Austin had aspirations of becoming an architect. However, during his time at ASU, he decided to switch gears and pursue landscape architecture instead. Growing up surrounded by nature and participating in competitive sports influenced this decision. Austin successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from ASU in 2014.

With almost a decade of industry experience, Austin spent his first five years working on the design side of the industry from 2014 to mid-2018 and continues with Earthscapes on the construction side from the end of 2018 to present day. Currently holding the position of Senior Project Engineer, Austin juggles various responsibilities within the company. One day, he can be found assisting in managing crews on the jobsite and organizing daily tasks. On another day, he collaborates with the estimating team on submittals, RFIs, and change orders. He is involved in Earthscapes from the field level to financial matters.

Austin particularly enjoys the camaraderie within the company and the diversity of each project; he rarely does the same exact task twice. The fast-paced nature of the construction industry poses a challenge to Austin on a daily basis. However, it has also helped him develop strong prioritization skills and find the most efficient ways to complete his daily tasks. He sees this as an excellent opportunity for continuous learning and personal growth.

When asked, Austin’s biggest piece of advice is “Be a sponge and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The construction industry has a vast wealth of knowledge and experiences that you can learn from. I am constantly learning new things or ways to accomplish certain tasks daily. The more field experiences you gain, the better.”

Outside of work, Austin says his biggest hobby is spending time with his two young children and he tries to spend as much time with them as possible. In the past, he was an avid golfer and aspired to pursue it professionally. Even now, he never turns down the opportunity to play a round of golf.