Earthscapes is a general landscape contractor specializing in large-scale commercial landscape construction projects. We collaborate with heavy civil, building, and special projects contractors and self-perform a wide range of landscape projects. This company structure allows us to gain invaluable insight into the landscape market, making us a valued partner to architects, other general contractors, municipalities, and private developers across Arizona.

Our goal is to create exceptional and personal experiences for our clients. We aim to build extraordinary and long-lasting recreational, commercial, and roadway spaces for our community.

About Us


Led by a strong leadership team in every aspect of the company.


Safety is our top priority. Find out how we choose safety every day.


Earthscapes ritualizes all aspect of the company through our culture.


Earthscapes is able to make our clients’ goals a reality through strong leadership. Our management approach consists of proactive planning and decision-making, enabling us to interact directly with our clients and have the authority to make decisions quickly and effectively. With all of Earthscape’s resources, expertise, and stability, we are able to maintain high standards of flexibility and responsiveness.


Earthscapes is very proud of its excellent safety program.

At Earthscapes, no phase of operation or administration is of greater importance than safety and accident prevention. In all of its operations, we are guided by an established accident-prevention plan which is based upon our sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses, eliminate damage to equipment and property, and protect the general public. Although we pride ourselves on our outstanding production rates, safety is never sacrificed for production. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our extremely low Incident Rate (IR) and Experience Modification Rate (E-MOD).

"We will establish and maintain – throughout the entire organization – the firm belief that people are our most important assets, and protecting our employees has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.”

- Mike Rhode, President

We Are Transparent With Our Safety Culture

Early 2020, We launched the weekly Safety Toolbox Talk email in order to encourage SHARING INFORMATION and EMBRACING IMPROVEMENT. Our Toolbox Talk email fosters our safety culture by sharing company-wide safety statistics and training opportunities. Each week is a different topic which is then discussed at the beginning of the week with all of our teams in the field. Awareness of potential safety issues through resources like our Safety Toolbox Talk is key to preventing further issues and assures that our teams go home to their families safely on a daily basis.

Earthscapes Company Values


Earthscapes was established on a foundation of grit. The resilience, tenacity, and passion for construction that was necessary to build this company inspires us every day. Construction is a tough industry; grit is a necessity.

Find A Way

We find creative, quality solutions to achieve operational excellence. Where there is no path, Earthscapes builds its own. When there’s no known solution, we find a way.

Shoulder To Shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder in support and protection of the people next to us in the trench, in the field, in the office. We stand together, with humility, respect and commitment to our peers and partners.


Our people are the lifeblood of Earthscapes. Our passion for building, courage to do the right thing, genuine compassion, and respect for the individual are what set us apart from the competition. The heart of our people is what keeps Earthscapes building.

Many As One

No one person accomplishes a task on their own, it is a team effort. Our many divisions, many skills, and many individuals make us one unique company. Many as one in pursuit of common goals.

Our team culture is built upon our fundamental behaviors